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Hello loves,

This piece is going to be a raw and vulnerable offering from me to you.

I knew I wanted to write about wounds and healing one day, but I honestly thought that this would come in the distant future.

I planned to start by sharing my lifestyle.

Sharing pieces about slow fashion, single-use culture, veganism, and other ideas.

All of these things have significance to me. They have changed my life. 

Those will all still be coming, but right now I feel called to share this with you.

I know there is someone out there that these words can bring healing to and that is why I am writing this.

Wounds, we all have them.

Some light and seemingly insignificant and others gapping and trying.

No matter the depth of your wounds they need to be tended to. 

Our bodies hold onto trauma that we don’t process.

These traumas manifest in other aspects of our life until we give ourselves what we need to heal.

Healing is a journey.

It might seem daunting that there is no “quick fix.” 

Our society has us searching for quick fixes for everything.

While healing can be heavy and dark in some moments, it is an overall beautiful journey that takes love and courage.

A journey that is far more valuable than a temporary bandage.

This is because there is no such thing as a quick fix, the wound will still fester underneath demanding care and understanding.

Your traumas may seem as though they are just an inconvenience in your life.

But this is not true.

While I am not saying I am grateful for my traumas.

I do know that I am so proud of the woman I am now.

Tending to my wounds has taught me so much about compassion for both myself and others.

I feel so much gratitude that I can hold space for myself and extend that to the world.

I am here to speak my truth.

Our traumas can become our greatest source of strength.

You are the only one who can choose healing for yourself.

No one else can understand your depth.

Your feelings are valid,

You are not overreacting,

No matter how small or insignificant you think your problems are.

It doesn’t matter if you live a life that you are so grateful for and that your problem seems small in the grand scheme of life.

You should not feel guilty for your feelings surrounding trauma and you need to forgive yourself for how you responded to your traumas when you were hurt.

Forgive yourself for hurting others or yourself.

You are human and your feelings demand to be felt.

Being able to feel feelings on a wide spectrum is a gift.

You are on a journey and you will find peace for yourself.

And you will use this love and peace and all else that you uncover on your journey to live a beautiful meaningful life of happiness both for yourself and others.

I am going to share with you a few practices you can use to tend to your wounds.

One day I will share a more in-depth look into the world of healing as well as my personal stories and journey.

But for now, here’s a few ways to take the first few steps in your healing journey.


The first step is to acknowledge your feelings. Whatever you’re holding onto you need to acknowledge and accept. There might be something that you’re pushing away because you feel shame for something that you did or something that happened to you or maybe something you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself. We are all human and no one’s life is like it seems. Take ownership of everything about you and love yourself even harder. This won’t happen overnight, but it begins with you acknowledging your feelings. One day you will feel empowered and not shameful. But for now, just take the time to process what you need to and maybe reach out to a loved one if it feels right.

Self Love

Loving yourself wholeheartedly is maybe another journey. Or maybe the journeys can be taken together.  Loving yourself is part of healing. Taking the time and showing up for yourself out of love is healing. Begin to explore more ways to invite self-love into your life whether it be through nourishing your body or taking time for yourself. You deserve it.

Trauma Healing Meditation

Maybe your wounds stretch back to a time in your past.

Maybe your wounds are fresher.

Either way, this mediation that my friend Lizzie shared with me may serve you.

She learned this mediation on a retreat. And she shared with me that although she didn’t feel like she had any traumas initially, the mediation had still brought her peace.

You begin with creating a safe space for yourself. 

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 

When you feel calm begin to visualize yourself in the past when you experienced trauma. 

This could be any time in your life that deeply affected you.

Maybe in your head right now you know the exact moment or moments that you would go back to in this mediation to comfort yourself, or maybe you need to reflect some first. Whichever situation you are in I truly believe everyone could find some peace, love, and compassion from this meditation.

You then go up to your past self as yourself now and talk to them.

Sit with them.

Hold space for them.

Say whatever you need to say.

Reassure them of the future, or tell them you love them, or that you are so proud of them.

Support them how you needed to be supported.

Do this for as long or as often as you feel serves you.

Yoga Poses for Releasing Trauma

Ask yourself if there’s areas of your life where you are flighty.

What are you avoiding?


There is depth to everything.

When we peel away the layers we find there is often something deeper residing beneath the surface.

When I first began doing yoga I struggled with pigeon pose.

I always just thought my hips were tight from my active lifestyle.

In class, I’d look around and everyone was relaxing into pigeon and I would sink in and then bounce back up and shift my body weight and move around.

It was just so uncomfortable for me, I felt what I now know was anxiousness.

Trauma releasing itself.

Our bodies whole onto unprocessed trauma.

Hips store most of this energy.

Any poses that stretch your hips are so good for releasing this energy.

I warn you that this can feel intense.

Some people feel angry, some people feel sad, some people feel anxious. 

Whatever comes up for you is right. And if nothing comes up that’s right too.

Your body knows what’s right, don’t physically push yourself if your body is telling you no.

But if you find that your discomfort feels deeper than just physical, try sitting with it and become an observer.


Movement is medicine. If you ever feel stuck but want to feel better I invite you to just dance. Move your body however feels right. This gets the blood and emotions flowing and can boost your mood and creativity after just one minute or song. I have like five dance parties a day to move stagnant energy. I can’t even tell you how many dance breaks I took in writing this. Movement is so good for healing or to just feel pure joyful energy. Move your body around. Just have some fun, look strange, embody your inner child. It feels so good. I can’t recommend this one enough. 


Going along with movement. I highly recommend making some playlists for your journey.

A playlist for when you want to boogie and cultivate joy.

A playlist for when you need to sit with yourself and feel.

A playlist of calming background meditation sounds.

A playlist for whatever else you need or just because.

Enjoy and create.


Acknowledge your progress. Celebrate all the steps you make even the seemingly small ones. You should be proud of yourself. Celebrate yourself. And in moments when you feel like you maybe took a step backward, choose to love yourself. You can still be proud that you acknowledged that something is not serving you. There is a tendency to look at healing negatively, but I challenge you to find the good and celebrate the process as a whole.


Affirmations are a lovely way to ground yourself.

Choose an affirmation that resonates with you.

Something that feels familiar, something that will support you when you need it most.

They can be a few words or complex in nature

Some Affirmations I love: 

I am loved. I am love.

I am an abundant being.

I am held. 

I am whole.

Your feelings are valid.

I choose love over fear.

I personally like short ones that I can repeat a few times and let resonate with me, but I encourage you to create your own.

Some Other Resources | I am offering these ideas to you to use them as they may serve you, I am not saying I wholeheartedly agree with everything shared here, but I do think there are some beautiful concepts that can be found within these resources

Infinite Creators Podcast | Healing Ancestral Traumas, Releasing Your Past and Finding Mental Freedom

This Podcast discusses insights on trauma and offers holistic approaches to healing. 

Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer 

This book is good if you’re dealing with any wounds involving feminine energy, also good if you’re feeling stuck

Freya Haley’s YouTube and Insta

Freya shares her journey with healing trauma in an honest and vulnerable way, her story may be able to provide you with something you are in need of

Bethany Hamilton’s documentary Unstoppable available on Netflix

Bethany’s Journey is just insane and just so inspiring. I found it so reassuring that anything is possible and you can make the most of anything. Her journey is both a physical and mental one that demonstrates so much strength and love. This film along with her movie, Soul Surfer, embodies the true raw beauty of healing journeys from the struggles to the celebrations. Bethany shows the power in continually showing up for yourself and choosing love over fear. When asked if she could go back to the day of the attack and not paddle out would she do it, she replied that she wouldn’t change a thing, and I think that really speaks volumes.

End Notes

No healing journey whether physical or mental or both is more valid than another.

I hope that these practices and resources can serve you on your journey.

I hope to one day offer you more, but for now, I invite you to begin or continue on your healing journey.

It’s time to tend to those wounds, however, you may need.

May you grow. May you find purpose. May you find realization. May you find love.

You are strong. You are brave. You are whole. 

I hope that these words may bring you a sense of peace. 

A wave of calm.

Some grounding.

You are held.

You are ready to begin your healing journey.

You are loved.

And you are love.

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