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what is ritual?

Ritual is cultivating connection to the sacred.

It is honoring yourself. It is holding space to feel.

In ritual, we cultivate feelings of meaning, gratitude, wholeness, and synergy.

When we engage in ritual we bring comfort and grounding to our being.

We decide to honor our divine self and refuse to let anxiety strip the magic of this world away from us.

Rituals may look different for you and for me.

They are what feels right to you.

They don’t have to be somber they can be fun, joyous, and uplifting.

They can be as simple as gratitude or elaborate as a summer solstice ceremony.

They can be habitual or impulsive, revealed to you in the moment.

They are savoring a moment and choosing consciousness.

There is no need for anything other than your mindful being.

Although flowers, mantras, oils, sage, the earth, and any other scared objects can all contribute to the potent nature of ritual.

I invite you to allow ritual into your life.

Here are some ways that I bring awareness to the divinity of my being through ritual.


Movement can be a ritualistic experience. Set the intention to play a tune and move your body to it in any way that feels right to you. Practice yoga. Go for a run or walk. Surf or go for a dip in the water. Don’t force your body to work hard when it’s telling you to rest. Movement is always good to release stagnant energy. Just be mindful of your needs. 


Nature is source energy. Feel your bare feet on the ground. Go alone or with a friend. Ditch the technology and take in the moment. Feel connected to the life that surrounds you. You are of the same life force that flows around you.


Alchemy is creation through intentional processes. My preferred way to practice alchemy is through curating a drink. Take the time to feel through the process. Use all your beloved tinctures. Teas, cacao, matcha, golden mylk, chlorophyll water, juices. Are just some drinks you can craft for yourself anytime or as part of a morning or night time ritual. They can be created daily or for special days, days where you need a pick me up, or as part of a cycle. Infuse them with your love and intention. Breathe into these elixirs. Enjoy the experience they offer you. Feel into the potent energy of these drinks as you slowly sip on them and allow them to fill you with feelings of gratitude and love.

Moon rituals

Moon rituals have become part of my practice. They allow me to set aside time for myself in a cyclical way. This practice is something I have been doing every new and full moon. Each moon ritual looks a little different depending on what I feel. Before I begin I like to clean my space and sage it. Then, I sit down and write. I take the time to check in with myself and see if I am tending to the intentions that I set a few weeks before. I ask myself if I feel aligned and joyful. Practices I like to include here, but don’t occur every time, are making a cacao drink to sip one while I journal, drawing tarot cards, or choosing a crystal I feel called to and looking up its symbolic nature. The one constant is I always try to journal on the new and full moons. Even if it’s just taking a few moments to jot down how I’m feeling. This has given me space to regularly check in with myself about every two weeks. For journalling ideas that connect to the astrological and energetic themes of the moons, I love to read Moon and Rock moon letters and use their journaling questions. 


Take the time to sit in silence as a ritual. Check-in with yourself. Tell yourself you are loved. Slow down to take the time to just be. Sit with yourself and heal or manifest or simply do nothing but be.  In silence, the field of pure potentiality exists. We live in a world of distractions. In this world silence is a form of medicine.


In this silence, I invite you to try meditating. You can listen to a guided mediation or do a practice of your own. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Some feel right sitting cross-legged and others feel right lying down. There is no one way to meditate that is better than another. Focus on your breath and your needs. Go into your meditation with no expectations and just be. Meditate regularly or as needed.


Devoting a time a day to ritual can give yourself the space you need to release and create. You can use this time to feel grateful and aligned with your desires. This time can also be used to heal wounds. It is a powerful act of self-love to give yourself time each day where you can be mindful of yourself. Creating a space in your day to practice whatever rituals you feel called to might be what you are needing in your life right now. We are creatures of habit.


Similar to silence sometimes you need to just feel. The emotions you feel are valid. They need to be felt in order to understand yourself. You can’t grow by suppressing your feelings. They demand to be felt. Creating a sacred space for yourself where you feel supported and working through your emotions can be a ritualistic practice. Do as needed using any of the ideas here or ceremonies of your own. 


Acts of pleasure connect you to the divine. Feeling into and exploring your desires creates a ritualistic space of ecstasy. Do what brings you pleasure whether that be drawing a bath, cooking a romantic dinner, self-exploration, dance, being nude, or cleaning. These are just some ideas of ways to curate more pleasure in your life. There are so many more ways to invite pleasure into your life. I invite you to explore what feels good to you. The idea is that you make space to do whatever brings you pure pleasure. Pleasure and ritual go hand in hand. 


Writing out your thoughts can be very grounding. It takes the ideas out of your head and makes them concrete. Allowing you to relax and release. Write down anything and everything that you want to release, manifest, or just see on paper. This can be done intentionally in a cleansed space or just jotting a few thoughts down as they arise. Writing breathes life into thoughts.  


Practice gratitude. My personal practice is to list three things I am grateful for first thing when I open my eyes. This practice can be done anywhere in the world.  Sometimes the gratitudes I come up with are simple and sometimes they are detailed and unique. There is an abundance of things and concepts to be grateful for. Each morning  I try to visualize these gratitudes for about a minute or as long as needed before doing anything else. This is a beautiful way to start the day. It allows you to start off with feeling grounded and loved. Ready to take on the day and spread the good energy.


We sit down to eat every day, multiple times. Creating rituals around food can be a beautiful, nourishing experience. A practice that may serve you is gratifood. The way gratifood is carried out is through making a list of your gratitudes before you eat. Another ritual that could be practiced around food is slowing down to thoroughly enjoy the experience. Take a moment to reflect on all that went into your meal. The sun shining on the earth, the hands that tended to the food, you or a loved one creating the meal, all the energy that went into your meal for you to be nourished.

Take a moment to bless your food.

Take the time to truly savor tastes.

Meals can be a beautiful place to connect and ground yourself.

This is an opportunity to nourish the mind, body, and soul.

In sharing these rituals with you I am not saying that you need to do them. I am just sharing my experience with you. Use this knowledge however it may serve you.

I am not saying that I do them all, all the time.

I have the rituals that I do routinely that keep me grounded.

And I have the rituals I do in the moment. Rituals for moments of pure gratitude and moments where I feel stuck and need guidance.

Rituals are powerful practices that can be experienced at any moment, however, desired.

And my hope is that you will explore how ritual can serve you.

I intend to share more about these practices with you in the future, but for now, I’ll leave you with this:

You have the choice to be present and intentional in your life and feel the magic around you.

Rituals are a form of self-love.

Take with you these practices and use them as needed.



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