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Every person you ever meet will carry a different perspective. 

Based on your background, upbringing, and experiences you have formed your views on life.

No human experience is the same, we are all unique with something new to offer those we connect with.

It can be so easy to become resentful of this fact.

To be annoyed or even outraged that someone sees differently or even opposes you.

But, this can also be seen as an opportunity.

A beautiful opportunity to learn and grow.

Being open to new ideas, and truly listening and empathizing with others is something I try to remain conscious of.

Our stories are what make us who we are. Human experiences are so special and I am grateful for what is shared with me.

I never want to discredit what someone else feels, just because it’s not my belief.

This mindset has led me to ground myself in core values, yet be open to other perspectives.

Living with an open mind and heart allows for freedom to grow.

But, it can also be difficult.

We base our identities off of our labels

We derive who we are from what we believe, so what happens to our identity when we completely change our viewpoints?

When we get too attached to our labels it can cause distress.

I’ve experienced this first hand.

Confinement to labels is not the way I want to live.

I don’t feel the need to maintain a certain lifestyle or aesthetic for the purpose of being easily identified.

As human beings, we are all vastly unique.

We each have different experiences and purposes and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to our past story.

When I choose to deeply identify with my viewpoint I am choosing to close off to anyone or anything that could possibly say otherwise.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have passions and morals.

Passion is a beautiful thing.

What I am saying is maybe we should choose to identify with something deeper.

Like a knowing that we are so much more than we reflect outwardly.

I know I am a loving and caring being who is trying my best. And when all else falls away I still have that at my core.

All my passions and things that I love do make me, me and I love that, but they are just surface level.

What if I work up one day and decide that I no longer had a passion for something I was so identified with?

What if I now had a new viewpoint on religion or what’s ethical?

Well if I had previously identified myself with my old viewpoint my whole life, I’d probably be in turmoil.

It can be hard to take in a new perspective.

It takes truly listening and being fully open and asking questions.

It could mean accepting a past way of life had unintended harmful consequences to yourself or others, which is not an easy realization.

But all you can do is have grace and change.

This takes courage, strength, and commitment to do this which is why so many people are reluctant to change old ways even if they know they are harmful and no longer serving them.

I’ve found that I’m generally optimistic and believe that most people want what’s best.

Most people are trying to do what they perceive as right, even if it doesn’t outwardly seem that way.

For those that directly hurt others, it can usually be found that they are living in fear, or are stuck in old patterns. 

These people may be committed to practices that are harmful to others, and they may be unaware of it, or maybe they even know but continue their ways.

And until they face and accept and work through healing themselves they will most likely continue these patterns.

Some people need a helping hand. Having support from someone who cares about you is one of the best feelings in the world.

You never know someone’s story, which is why I try to be empathetic and kind to everyone.

I understand malicious people do exist too. I’m not naive to this reality and have experienced it.

But, for the most part I found that people are really just doing the best that they can.

They are trying to do what they think is right with what they have.

It may not seem like it at first, but taking a second to put yourself in their place and consider where they’re coming from could reveal a new truth.

The only way to help someone change an old pattern is to truly listen and empathize with them.

Condemning and forcing views on another rarely insights change. 

When we can come to eye to eye with someone in acceptance and unconditional love that is where meaningful connection happens.

This is where we can make changes for the greater good.

I see a lot of people doing what they believe to be best, but in the fire of passion they may be blind to how they can be more empathetic and effective.

I have also been there too.

I am conscious of that experience and its part of this perspective of mine.

It’s something that forms my habits, thoughts, and way of being now.

Our perspectives should be able to grow and change with our life experience. They are surface level and deeply rooted in us at the same time.

And as long as I am guided by love and the best intentions and working to help and not hurt, then I am satisfied.

That’s where my deepest essence lies. No matter my other labels.

I am always open to learn and grow. To make changes. I acknowledge that I don’t know everything.

I often like to refer to myself as a student of life.

I am not perfect, but I am always true.

A question to consider:

How can we respect, cherish, and grow from other perspectives?

I personally think the answer lies in patience and empathy, but that’s for you to ask yourself.

Some final thoughts:

I encourage you to reflect on your life story, all parts of it even the tough moments.

I hope you recognize how special your story is. And how it’s uniquely shaped you into who you are.

And I hope you connect with others to share and listen to each other’s life experiences.

And I hope you find the beauty, grace, perseverance, and joy that comes through in the story behind another’s perspective.

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