image source: the feeling wheel by Dr. Gloria Willcox, which helps you to identify specific details of feelings and emotions

How special is it that we can feel for others and hold space for them,

No matter their emotions or our own,

No matter how vastly different our lives may be,

To see the darkest parts of someone and to love them unconditionally

To love with no conditions is to love with no boundaries

To give love and acceptance no matter the circumstance, to see past our differences

How can we better listen to others?

How can we become less judgemental?

This is something I am working on every day

Some words I have found that deeply resonated with me,

”before you speak to someone, ask yourself how do I want this person to feel about himself or herself? 

‘do you have the largeness of heart to see that person’s highest potential?’

For that to occur are you willing to give up any negative thoughts about him or her in order to provide space for the person to turn around in” BG VI.29 -Jivamukti Fotm

Some more beautifully written words, from Chamomile a poem from Chrysalis by Freya Haley

“The parts of you that are hardest to love 

are the ones that need it most

The people that are the hardest to love 

are the ones who need love the most.”

Another piece of Freya’s writing that nurtures this idea is an excerpt from her poem “you”

“Everyone’s pain is relative to their own experience

 to each

 their pain may seem excruciating and just as much as 

 the other

It’s all about



I choose to see the good in everyone.

I choose to remain soft and gentle and love hard no matter the circumstance.

The inner child in me wants to love and play with the inner child in you.

I just want to embody love and extend that love outwards.

I love you unconditionally.



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