other perspectives

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Every person you ever meet will carry a different perspective. 

Based on your background, upbringing, and experiences you have formed your views on life.

No human experience is the same, we are all unique with something new to offer those we connect with.

It can be so easy to become resentful of this fact.

To be annoyed or even outraged that someone sees differently or even opposes you.

But, this can also be seen as an opportunity.

A beautiful opportunity to learn and grow.

Being open to new ideas, and truly listening and empathizing with others is something I try to remain conscious of.

Our stories are what make us who we are. Human experiences are so special and I am grateful for what is shared with me.

I never want to discredit what someone else feels, just because it’s not my belief.

This mindset has led me to ground myself in core values, yet be open to other perspectives.

Living with an open mind and heart allows for freedom to grow.

But, it can also be difficult.

We base our identities off of our labels

We derive who we are from what we believe, so what happens to our identity when we completely change our viewpoints?

When we get too attached to our labels it can cause distress.

I’ve experienced this first hand.

Confinement to labels is not the way I want to live.

I don’t feel the need to maintain a certain lifestyle or aesthetic for the purpose of being easily identified.

As human beings, we are all vastly unique.

We each have different experiences and purposes and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to our past story.

When I choose to deeply identify with my viewpoint I am choosing to close off to anyone or anything that could possibly say otherwise.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have passions and morals.

Passion is a beautiful thing.

What I am saying is maybe we should choose to identify with something deeper.

Like a knowing that we are so much more than we reflect outwardly.

I know I am a loving and caring being who is trying my best. And when all else falls away I still have that at my core.

All my passions and things that I love do make me, me and I love that, but they are just surface level.

What if I work up one day and decide that I no longer had a passion for something I was so identified with?

What if I now had a new viewpoint on religion or what’s ethical?

Well if I had previously identified myself with my old viewpoint my whole life, I’d probably be in turmoil.

It can be hard to take in a new perspective.

It takes truly listening and being fully open and asking questions.

It could mean accepting a past way of life had unintended harmful consequences to yourself or others, which is not an easy realization.

But all you can do is have grace and change.

This takes courage, strength, and commitment to do this which is why so many people are reluctant to change old ways even if they know they are harmful and no longer serving them.

I’ve found that I’m generally optimistic and believe that most people want what’s best.

Most people are trying to do what they perceive as right, even if it doesn’t outwardly seem that way.

For those that directly hurt others, it can usually be found that they are living in fear, or are stuck in old patterns. 

These people may be committed to practices that are harmful to others, and they may be unaware of it, or maybe they even know but continue their ways.

And until they face and accept and work through healing themselves they will most likely continue these patterns.

Some people need a helping hand. Having support from someone who cares about you is one of the best feelings in the world.

You never know someone’s story, which is why I try to be empathetic and kind to everyone.

I understand malicious people do exist too. I’m not naive to this reality and have experienced it.

But, for the most part I found that people are really just doing the best that they can.

They are trying to do what they think is right with what they have.

It may not seem like it at first, but taking a second to put yourself in their place and consider where they’re coming from could reveal a new truth.

The only way to help someone change an old pattern is to truly listen and empathize with them.

Condemning and forcing views on another rarely insights change. 

When we can come to eye to eye with someone in acceptance and unconditional love that is where meaningful connection happens.

This is where we can make changes for the greater good.

I see a lot of people doing what they believe to be best, but in the fire of passion they may be blind to how they can be more empathetic and effective.

I have also been there too.

I am conscious of that experience and its part of this perspective of mine.

It’s something that forms my habits, thoughts, and way of being now.

Our perspectives should be able to grow and change with our life experience. They are surface level and deeply rooted in us at the same time.

And as long as I am guided by love and the best intentions and working to help and not hurt, then I am satisfied.

That’s where my deepest essence lies. No matter my other labels.

I am always open to learn and grow. To make changes. I acknowledge that I don’t know everything.

I often like to refer to myself as a student of life.

I am not perfect, but I am always true.

A question to consider:

How can we respect, cherish, and grow from other perspectives?

I personally think the answer lies in patience and empathy, but that’s for you to ask yourself.

Some final thoughts:

I encourage you to reflect on your life story, all parts of it even the tough moments.

I hope you recognize how special your story is. And how it’s uniquely shaped you into who you are.

And I hope you connect with others to share and listen to each other’s life experiences.

And I hope you find the beauty, grace, perseverance, and joy that comes through in the story behind another’s perspective.

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This spice is such a powerful one, it feels natural to share next.

I use turmeric daily; this lovely yellow spice and I are very familiar with each other.

Consuming foods that are naturally a wide range of bright colors are so good for you

and this sunshiney yellow spice is no exception

Turmeric gets it’s bright yellow color from curcumin.

Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Anti-inflammatories help you to fight off foreign content in your body. This is so crucial in fighting off any ailments. 

Inflammation is apart of almost every major disease known in the Western world. This is why consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory (as well as consuming less inflammatory food) can be so beneficial to feeling good.

Antioxidants are also really beneficial. Oxidate damage is behind a lot of diseases and is apart of the body’s aging process.

Antioxidants fight off free radicals that are damaging to your body. Curcumin found in turmeric supports this as well as other antioxidant containing foods like berries.

There are also a lot of studies currently being conducted on curcumins’ effects on the brain because it is believed that brain function could be improved and brain disease reduced.

Other studies being done on curcumin’s effects include ones focused on the benefits for the heart, it’s effectiveness in defense against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression.

The benefits of this compound look to be very promising.

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Eastern culture as a medicinal spice.

Consuming turmeric could be very beneficial to your well being.

How to Best Receive the Benefits of This Spice

The curcumin in turmeric is not the most bioavailable substance out there. So, to increase the absorption consume turmeric with black pepper. This increases the absorption rate by something wild like 2000 percent. This is really easy if you’re consuming turmeric in a meal.

How can you incorporate turmeric into your life??

Turmeric has a slightly bitter taste, so if you’re not used to consuming it you may not be inclined to love the taste right away.

When I first tried turmeric I could consume it but didn’t necessarily crave it.

I began adding small amounts to my meals and now it has really grown on me. I love covering my meals in this yellow powder.

Some Recipes for You:

Golden Mylk Latte (kinda tastes like a Chai)

Fill mug with mylk of choice.

Pour Mylk into a pot on the stove on medium heat.

Add desired amount of turmeric, cinnamon, and sweetener (I like agave, maple syrup, or honey).

Stir until combined and warm, pour into mug and enjoy.

Golden Rice

When cooking rice add about a spoonful of turmeric to cook into the rice.


Here’s a really simple one I enjoy:

Earthy Andy Quinoa Curry

You need

One medium-sized pot

One bigger pot

You need

1 cups quinoa

1 can of coconut milk

1 tbsp oil (optional)

Curry paste or spices (yellow curry spice mixes usually include turmeric as the main ingredient, and you can always add in more)

Veggies to put in curry (mushrooms and carrots and spinach are really easy ones but you can add as many as you want)

Toppings (avocado and chive are great on top when you’re done and serving)

Step one: In the medium pot add in one cup quinoa and two cups water put on the stove around medium heat and cover it

You should stir it every one in a while, it’s done when the quinoa has absorbed all the water and looks fluffy

Step two: Why quinoa is cooking take the big pot and add in a little oil (or water) with the veggies and seasoning

Step three: Add in the cans of coconut milk to the veggie pot

Step four: When quinoa is ready, add it to the big pot 

Last step: Stir everything together and add more seasoning or paste to get the taste you want, throw in spinach (it’ll cook down quick) and when everything is nice and warm you’re done

Top off with avocado pieces, chives, tahini, hemp seeds, or anything else you’d like:)

Turmeric can be used for more than just internal consumption

Turmeric can be applied externally to the skin in the form of a paste or salve. Turmeric is widely used for the treatment of various conditions like psoriasis. The spice is also naturally brightening, antibacterial, as well as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant (as mentioned earlier) so it’s amazing for your skin. Turmeric could be incorporated into any face mask to receive these benefits (just be aware the yellow color does stain your skin yellow for a little).

I hope you found this post informative or maybe just a good reminder as to why this spice is so special.



Note: I am no expert and you should decide for yourself if this intuitively feels right to you. I love learning about herbal medicines and the properties of different natural spices, herbs, and flowers. I intend for this post to share a spice that I enjoy and believe to be beneficial so that you may decide for yourself if you believe the incorporation of turmeric could be beneficial to your life.

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movement is medicine

image source: album cover from Babe Rainbow

I haven’t shared on here in a while, I took some time to connect with my intuition to evaluate my values and to center myself.

I was really craving some time to go inwards and also to listen more than I created and expressed.

I’m grateful that I took this time and space for myself.

And with that, I am ready to begin sharing on here more regularly again.

This piece is going to be on movement.

My experience with it and why it can change your life.

We all know that movement is good for us,

But we commonly take it for granted.

I find myself always underestimating how healing and uplifting some movement can be.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit stuck I’ll put on one song and move to it and I’m always amazed at how much of an impact such a small act has on my overall mood.

Now I’m not saying a dance or run can make everything better.

There are times when you need to just sit with yourself.

It’s important to listen to your body and not force yourself to move when you’re not up to it.

Evaluating why you want to move is really important.

It could be beneficial to check in with yourself and question if you are wanting to work out to feel good or because you feel you have to?

And if you find it is because you feel you have to, maybe take it a step further and question why it is that you feel that way?

Being able to move your body is a gift.

Something to feel grateful for, a way to cultivate joy.

I am so grateful to have the time, the health, the space, and the resources to move.

Even with this mindset sometimes you just need a little momentum to get you going.

Which is totally fine some days you might crave intense movement and some days you might want something gentle.

A good way to feel into this is to begin a workout with some stretching and a warm-up of dancing or walking and then check-in and see if you’re feeling ready to get on with something more or if you feel good where you’re at.

Whether or not you dedicate space for a work out into your day there is always room for some movement. 

I find dance to be an expressive outlet where I can instantly feel like I am transforming my energy and mood.

But this is honestly true for all forms of movement.

Run, walk, swim, surf, skate, bike, hike, dance, lift, yoga, or anything else you enjoy.

Do whatever resonates with your being.

For me, I just really love dance.

If I realize I woke up feeling off I’ll try a little boogie around the kitchen and I can instantly feel a change.

You can do a little boogie at any time.

If you know me you know I’m almost always dancing around my room or while cooking.

I love the lyric “you can’t dance and stay uptight” from Dancing in the Moonlight, because it holds so much truth.

I find that physically moving through your emotions whether joyful or hurtful can allow emotional cultivation or release.

I have used dance and movement to help me work through some pretty intense emotions.

Movement is so healing, which is why I love the phrase “movement is medicine” because I truly believe in the power of movement.

Not only is movement expressive and sacred and spiritual, but its benefits are also scientifically backed. 

Did someone say endorphins??

Something as simple as a dance around your room can change your entire mood.

You deserve to feel good.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself.

You need to take care of yourself to take care of others.

How could you include some more movement in your day?

How could you use movement as medicine?



Ps if you want you tune ideas my Spotify is linked in the top right corner:)

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image source: the feeling wheel by Dr. Gloria Willcox, which helps you to identify specific details of feelings and emotions

How special is it that we can feel for others and hold space for them,

No matter their emotions or our own,

No matter how vastly different our lives may be,

To see the darkest parts of someone and to love them unconditionally

To love with no conditions is to love with no boundaries

To give love and acceptance no matter the circumstance, to see past our differences

How can we better listen to others?

How can we become less judgemental?

This is something I am working on every day

Some words I have found that deeply resonated with me,

”before you speak to someone, ask yourself how do I want this person to feel about himself or herself? 

‘do you have the largeness of heart to see that person’s highest potential?’

For that to occur are you willing to give up any negative thoughts about him or her in order to provide space for the person to turn around in” BG VI.29 -Jivamukti Fotm

Some more beautifully written words, from Chamomile a poem from Chrysalis by Freya Haley

“The parts of you that are hardest to love 

are the ones that need it most

The people that are the hardest to love 

are the ones who need love the most.”

Another piece of Freya’s writing that nurtures this idea is an excerpt from her poem “you”

“Everyone’s pain is relative to their own experience

 to each

 their pain may seem excruciating and just as much as 

 the other

It’s all about



I choose to see the good in everyone.

I choose to remain soft and gentle and love hard no matter the circumstance.

The inner child in me wants to love and play with the inner child in you.

I just want to embody love and extend that love outwards.

I love you unconditionally.



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Activism is something you are probably already partaking in.

There are so many forms of activism.

We all have passions and values the are near and dear to our heart that we live out every day.

For me, I care deeply about human rights, especially women, the earth, veganism, and more.

Activism is about voicing what matters,

And standing in your truth.

Efforts to educate, make aware, make a change.

This can be done by simply carrying around a metal straw or posting vegan food.

This can be done in a conversation when someone asks why you do what you do.

Just share what matters to you however you feel called, however, feels right or natural.

For me, a question that I get asked all the time is, why vegan?

To which I simply explain why I have chosen this lifestyle.

These seemingly small actions make a difference.

But, they are comfortable.

My values are worth me stepping outside my comfort zone.

I want to share more and have the uncomfortable and real conversations.

This leads me to try new things and put myself out there.

One thing I hadn’t done before was to participate in a protest.

There are so many causes out there that you can join in.

If you haven’t participated in a protest, there are all kinds of ways to get involved.

A local climate strike was my first event and it was absolutely a wonderful place to begin.

I wrote this on an energetic and passionate high after the event:

“Today I stood in my truth with my sisters and brothers. There was compassion and support surrounding us. And it was so insanely beautiful and empowering. Speaking my truths has been something I have been working on. It can mean feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable at first but it is worth it every time. I believe my purpose is to help other beings and the planet. I align with my purpose through always speaking and living my truth. What matters to you? If you’re interested in causes close to my heart check out the documentary Earthlings or check out Unlitter on Instagram (in addition, the other blog posts that I have written or am writing will touch on my values). Educate and empower yourself. Fill yourself with purpose and set your soul on fire.

What’s stopping you from speaking your truth?”

Protests involve people coming together for a common cause.

The energy is the air is indescribable. 

The human connection is wild.

It can be difficult to feel so strongly about something that others around you might not.

Finding others who share your values is liberating, encouraging, and strengthening.

I encourage you to never shy away from your truth no matter how scary.

Your voice matters.

No matter how you do it, speak your truth always.

I’ll say it again, ask yourself,

What’s stopping you from speaking your truth?

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single use culture

image source: @the.eco.warrior

Single-use culture is expansive.

There’s a massive amount that goes into this idea.

I wasn’t sure where to begin, because there’s just so much to share.

But, here’s what I landed on, enjoy.

It’s daunting to face the truth that every piece of plastic we consume will outlive us.

Knowing this how can I just continue to mindlessly use the plastic placed before me?

I could go on about the plastic problem, but I think it’s best to just share ways I have found to change my mindset and lifestyle.

Habits I have found and items I have collected that allow me to live in a way that both myself and mama earth can feel good about.

If you want to know more about the plastic problem.

Just look up “plastic problem” and you’ll find heartbreaking images of beaches littered with trash. 

It’s devastating and just plain disgusting.

Gaia does so much for us and then we just continue to pollute her.

I am not saying I am perfect or zero waste.

I am far from that.

But I am conscious and that is where this all begins.

This may seem overwhelming, but just remember we all are in different places in our journey.

By just being mindful of your role in this single-use culture you are taking the first step.

Areas of Your Life to Consider Your Consumption

A good place to begin would be realizing that there are four overarching areas of our life where plastic has taken over. These areas all hit on different patterns of consumption. You could choose one of these areas and really explore your habits or maybe even just choose one aspect within one of the areas. Any step is a step in the right direction. Moving away from single-use culture has made my life so much better. I know that I, everyone on this earth and who will be on this earth, and the earth herself deserve better.

A note before we begin, you don’t need to go out and buy anything. I am going to share with you some products I love that have helped me, but they aren’t necessary. It’s best to use what you already have instead of consuming more. That being said there are some items that are nice to have around. And I want to share them with you, in case you’re looking for a gift for yourself or others.


The first area is traveling, but traveling in a more broad sense. While this does include traveling across the world I am also including trips out of the house.

Water Bottle

A reusable water container is a necessity. There is just no need for plastic water bottles. They are just such a waste. It doesn’t have to be a fancy bottle; use a peanut butter jar, use a random free bottle, or go out and get one you love and know you’ll feel good using. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but just please do it if you can. This is one of the most simple changes you can make if you haven’t already.

Containers or Jars

If you’re going out to eat and you know you might have leftovers, bring a container from home to use. I promise it’s not as weird as it seems. I have even had people at restaurants thank me for this small action. Bringing your own container is better for the earth and it’s such a simple thing to do.

Containers and jars are also good for traveling. I’ll bring nuts or dates or something in my own containers on flights and use them throughout my trip. They can be repurposed for leftovers when eating out, or at some places, they can fill your jars with drinks, or whatever else you can think of. Also, a much better option than plastic bags.

Lastly, you can bring your own reusable cups to pick up tea or coffee. Many places will give you a discount for having your own cup. It doesn’t hurt to keep a cup in your car or bag.


Single-use forks and knives and spoons also add up dauntingly fast. To avoid this keep your own reusable set in a bag or purse or car. Or if you’re going to get food it’s as simple as grabbing a fork on your way out the door, the hard part is remembering. But like I said it’s all about mindfulness this truly is a lifestyle and the more you do it the more it’ll begin to become natural. Sometimes you make unexpected stops so it’s good to keep some options in your car or in the bag you use.

I have a nice little To Go set of bamboo utensils I keep in my backpack that I use all the time and love. But, if I’m grabbing for a friend I just grab them a metal fork from my house. You could make your own set using an old pouch and silverware you already have. Bumi Box also has a lovely cutlery set. Bumi Box is a box with all the “sustainable essentials” in it so it could be a good place to start if these ideas are new to you. They also make great gifts.

Material Consumption

This is where a lot of our consuming habits lie. The best thing you can do about your material consumption is to think before you buy. Think about if you could spend a little more now for something that will last you longer. Think about buying second hand, not new. There are so many beautiful pre-loved items out there that you can obtain with little to no plastic involved. It’s also better to support environmentally conscious and local rather than large corporate companies. The idea here is just to spend some time questioning your consumption habits. If you want ideas on how to transition away from fast fashion to slow fashion; I wrote this piece.


(I’m writing a free ebook that discusses how to reduce plastic consumption in the kitchen and then goes beyond that to talk about other ways to keep a conscious kitchen, which will be on here soon)

We consume a lot of food, which is not a bad thing. But, unfortunately, a lot of what we eat is no longer grown by us. Obtaining food involves going to the store, where so many items are unnecessarily wrapped in plastic. Here are some ways to avoid that.

Reusable Bags

Here’s another simple one that anyone could do. Bring your own reusable bags to the store and refuse plastic bags. Leave the bags in your car, or have them in an easy place to grab. If you’re just stopping in for a few items consider saying you’re good with no bag and carrying the items to the car, or if you have a backpack on you just use that. Plastic bags are pretty avoidable. 

Buying in Bulk

You probably have bulk food options in your area that you are unaware of. I found a place in my hometown close to my house that I had no idea about. Bulk options are available in some grocery stores and some stand-alone stores. They allow you to bring in old jars and containers to fill with what you want. No plastic or packaging involved. All you do is weigh the containers at the counter before shopping. It’s pretty simple and the first time I went, the people at the store were so nice and helpful and there were signs everywhere explaining the process. Buying in bulk can also save you some money too.

Bulk saves a massive amount of single-use items.

When Bulk Isn’t an Option

If you can’t shop in bulk, don’t beat yourself up. Bulk is ideal, but it’s not available everywhere. The next best thing you can do is be conscious of your food packaging. Is there a glass jar you can choose over plastic? Or paper packaging over plastic? A lot of produce comes free of packaging. So, maybe try adding in some more produce over packaged food. 

Produce Bags

Another big unnecessary use of plastic is produce bags. You can bring your own reusable ones or just go without them. If you’re going to buy reusable bags try and buy from deserving shops. I have two lovely produce bags that were hand crocheted by @soulshinedes, a lovely mama from Hawaii. I found her through Instagram, but Etsy is also a good place to check out as well as local markets. You could also just put the produce in the cart, they’re already dirty and full of germs and need to be washed anyway (I get right now is a totally different circumstance, but this is good future knowledge). This is something so simple, that is often not thought about. It’s the simple mindful moments that matter.

Do you really need that?

A lot of single-use kitchen items like parchment paper, paper towels, and paper napkins can be simply avoided.

Instead of paper, use cloth napkins or rags in your kitchen.

Instead of parchment paper, you can get inexpensive reusable silicone mats that will save you money in the long run.

Instead of covering food with tinfoil, put in a container or get some beeswax reusable wraps.

Ending Note: I dream of a plastic-free kitchen, however that is not my current situation at all. I am consciously working towards this idea and I do believe one day I could do it.  However, right now it’s just not realistic for me and probably you too.  All you can do is your best.


Our personal care products are the last big contributor to our plastic consumption. I am also creating a free ebook on my experience and what I personally use. The ebook will expand on all the ideas mentioned here. In the ebook, I will be sharing recipes for homemade care items and brands I like and just explaining more in-depth why I choose to use the things I use and how I got to where I am now.

Here I’m going to share all the plastic items you may be using and offer some alternatives.

As mentioned, the ebook that I’m working on will expand on these, but for now, I just want to put these thoughts out there, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.


A metal razor over single-use or limited use plastic ones.

Bar soaps instead of bottled body and face washes.

Make your own scrubs instead of buying them.


Shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottles.

Coconut oil instead of chemical hair masks.


Tea tree oil instead of chemical acne treatments.

Oils for moisturizing your eyelashes or skin, also good for makeup removal.

On the subject of makeup and dirt removal, consider ditching cotton swabs and pads. I just use a rag, but there are also reusable swabs and pads you can get. These reusable items will also save you money. Single-use cotton swabs and balls no longer have a place in my life and invite you to join.

Makeup is a whole other topic that a whole page could be written about. I personally am a more natural kind of girl, but if you do wear makeup, try not to over-consume and make sure your products have good ingredients and are cruelty-free.


Choose a toothpaste that comes in a glass jar instead of a plastic tube. This is what I do however, I have tried toothpaste tablets and making my own, didn’t love those options, but they might be for you.

Wooden toothbrushes over plastic ones.

Floss made of fibers or bamboo instead of plastic.

I also enjoy using a metal tongue scraper and oil pulling. 

For Those Who Bleed

Period Products cause a lot of waste.

Consider trying a menstrual cup; Mahina Cup, Saalt Cup, and Organi Cup are some you could check out.

I decided to use one purely for environmental reasons. I thought it was going to be hard to use, but I truly ended up loving it. I know the idea can be weird and scary, but there are so many benefits besides the sustainability aspect

And if a menstrual cup isn’t for you, there’s also period underwear and reusable pads out there. Thinx is a brand you could check out; @shethinx on Instagram.

So there’s a lot here. I wanted to share all my thoughts and ideas with you. 

There’s probably some things I forgot or could have explained better.

This is a pretty long post and I tried to get the information out the best I could, there are some ideas I could have said more about, so if you have any questions, or if you’re looking for some ideas on certain aspects of your life, or if you have a suggestion for me, please reach out. I’d love to learn and grow with you.

Single-use culture is huge and it affects so much of our everyday life.

Maybe in reading this, you realized you already do these things. Or maybe this made you question your consumption habits. 

My intention here was not to shame or discourage anyone.

Trust me my life is far from plastic-free, but I am making a conscious effort.

We all hold the power to make a difference. 

No matter where you are, accept it and love yourself.

Choose to continue to show love to yourself and our magical world and begin the journey away from single-use culture.

This journey can be fun, it’s all about how you look it at.

You can look at it from a perspective of this is too big and hard and give up, or you could celebrate the little things like discovering a new bulk store or finding a chocolate bar that comes in paper.

This lifestyle should feel good.

I can’t promise you that it’s always easy. 

But, I can promise you that you will feel so much more fulfilled straying from single-use culture.

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Image source: https://lunarlilt.com/

Hello loves,

This piece is going to be a raw and vulnerable offering from me to you.

I knew I wanted to write about wounds and healing one day, but I honestly thought that this would come in the distant future.

I planned to start by sharing my lifestyle.

Sharing pieces about slow fashion, single-use culture, veganism, and other ideas.

All of these things have significance to me. They have changed my life. 

Those will all still be coming, but right now I feel called to share this with you.

I know there is someone out there that these words can bring healing to and that is why I am writing this.

Wounds, we all have them.

Some light and seemingly insignificant and others gapping and trying.

No matter the depth of your wounds they need to be tended to. 

Our bodies hold onto trauma that we don’t process.

These traumas manifest in other aspects of our life until we give ourselves what we need to heal.

Healing is a journey.

It might seem daunting that there is no “quick fix.” 

Our society has us searching for quick fixes for everything.

While healing can be heavy and dark in some moments, it is an overall beautiful journey that takes love and courage.

A journey that is far more valuable than a temporary bandage.

This is because there is no such thing as a quick fix, the wound will still fester underneath demanding care and understanding.

Your traumas may seem as though they are just an inconvenience in your life.

But this is not true.

While I am not saying I am grateful for my traumas.

I do know that I am so proud of the woman I am now.

Tending to my wounds has taught me so much about compassion for both myself and others.

I feel so much gratitude that I can hold space for myself and extend that to the world.

I am here to speak my truth.

Our traumas can become our greatest source of strength.

You are the only one who can choose healing for yourself.

No one else can understand your depth.

Your feelings are valid,

You are not overreacting,

No matter how small or insignificant you think your problems are.

It doesn’t matter if you live a life that you are so grateful for and that your problem seems small in the grand scheme of life.

You should not feel guilty for your feelings surrounding trauma and you need to forgive yourself for how you responded to your traumas when you were hurt.

Forgive yourself for hurting others or yourself.

You are human and your feelings demand to be felt.

Being able to feel feelings on a wide spectrum is a gift.

You are on a journey and you will find peace for yourself.

And you will use this love and peace and all else that you uncover on your journey to live a beautiful meaningful life of happiness both for yourself and others.

I am going to share with you a few practices you can use to tend to your wounds.

One day I will share a more in-depth look into the world of healing as well as my personal stories and journey.

But for now, here’s a few ways to take the first few steps in your healing journey.


The first step is to acknowledge your feelings. Whatever you’re holding onto you need to acknowledge and accept. There might be something that you’re pushing away because you feel shame for something that you did or something that happened to you or maybe something you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself. We are all human and no one’s life is like it seems. Take ownership of everything about you and love yourself even harder. This won’t happen overnight, but it begins with you acknowledging your feelings. One day you will feel empowered and not shameful. But for now, just take the time to process what you need to and maybe reach out to a loved one if it feels right.

Self Love

Loving yourself wholeheartedly is maybe another journey. Or maybe the journeys can be taken together.  Loving yourself is part of healing. Taking the time and showing up for yourself out of love is healing. Begin to explore more ways to invite self-love into your life whether it be through nourishing your body or taking time for yourself. You deserve it.

Trauma Healing Meditation

Maybe your wounds stretch back to a time in your past.

Maybe your wounds are fresher.

Either way, this mediation that my friend Lizzie shared with me may serve you.

She learned this mediation on a retreat. And she shared with me that although she didn’t feel like she had any traumas initially, the mediation had still brought her peace.

You begin with creating a safe space for yourself. 

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 

When you feel calm begin to visualize yourself in the past when you experienced trauma. 

This could be any time in your life that deeply affected you.

Maybe in your head right now you know the exact moment or moments that you would go back to in this mediation to comfort yourself, or maybe you need to reflect some first. Whichever situation you are in I truly believe everyone could find some peace, love, and compassion from this meditation.

You then go up to your past self as yourself now and talk to them.

Sit with them.

Hold space for them.

Say whatever you need to say.

Reassure them of the future, or tell them you love them, or that you are so proud of them.

Support them how you needed to be supported.

Do this for as long or as often as you feel serves you.

Yoga Poses for Releasing Trauma

Ask yourself if there’s areas of your life where you are flighty.

What are you avoiding?


There is depth to everything.

When we peel away the layers we find there is often something deeper residing beneath the surface.

When I first began doing yoga I struggled with pigeon pose.

I always just thought my hips were tight from my active lifestyle.

In class, I’d look around and everyone was relaxing into pigeon and I would sink in and then bounce back up and shift my body weight and move around.

It was just so uncomfortable for me, I felt what I now know was anxiousness.

Trauma releasing itself.

Our bodies whole onto unprocessed trauma.

Hips store most of this energy.

Any poses that stretch your hips are so good for releasing this energy.

I warn you that this can feel intense.

Some people feel angry, some people feel sad, some people feel anxious. 

Whatever comes up for you is right. And if nothing comes up that’s right too.

Your body knows what’s right, don’t physically push yourself if your body is telling you no.

But if you find that your discomfort feels deeper than just physical, try sitting with it and become an observer.


Movement is medicine. If you ever feel stuck but want to feel better I invite you to just dance. Move your body however feels right. This gets the blood and emotions flowing and can boost your mood and creativity after just one minute or song. I have like five dance parties a day to move stagnant energy. I can’t even tell you how many dance breaks I took in writing this. Movement is so good for healing or to just feel pure joyful energy. Move your body around. Just have some fun, look strange, embody your inner child. It feels so good. I can’t recommend this one enough. 


Going along with movement. I highly recommend making some playlists for your journey.

A playlist for when you want to boogie and cultivate joy.

A playlist for when you need to sit with yourself and feel.

A playlist of calming background meditation sounds.

A playlist for whatever else you need or just because.

Enjoy and create.


Acknowledge your progress. Celebrate all the steps you make even the seemingly small ones. You should be proud of yourself. Celebrate yourself. And in moments when you feel like you maybe took a step backward, choose to love yourself. You can still be proud that you acknowledged that something is not serving you. There is a tendency to look at healing negatively, but I challenge you to find the good and celebrate the process as a whole.


Affirmations are a lovely way to ground yourself.

Choose an affirmation that resonates with you.

Something that feels familiar, something that will support you when you need it most.

They can be a few words or complex in nature

Some Affirmations I love: 

I am loved. I am love.

I am an abundant being.

I am held. 

I am whole.

Your feelings are valid.

I choose love over fear.

I personally like short ones that I can repeat a few times and let resonate with me, but I encourage you to create your own.

Some Other Resources | I am offering these ideas to you to use them as they may serve you, I am not saying I wholeheartedly agree with everything shared here, but I do think there are some beautiful concepts that can be found within these resources

Infinite Creators Podcast | Healing Ancestral Traumas, Releasing Your Past and Finding Mental Freedom

This Podcast discusses insights on trauma and offers holistic approaches to healing. 

Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer 

This book is good if you’re dealing with any wounds involving feminine energy, also good if you’re feeling stuck

Freya Haley’s YouTube and Insta

Freya shares her journey with healing trauma in an honest and vulnerable way, her story may be able to provide you with something you are in need of

Bethany Hamilton’s documentary Unstoppable available on Netflix

Bethany’s Journey is just insane and just so inspiring. I found it so reassuring that anything is possible and you can make the most of anything. Her journey is both a physical and mental one that demonstrates so much strength and love. This film along with her movie, Soul Surfer, embodies the true raw beauty of healing journeys from the struggles to the celebrations. Bethany shows the power in continually showing up for yourself and choosing love over fear. When asked if she could go back to the day of the attack and not paddle out would she do it, she replied that she wouldn’t change a thing, and I think that really speaks volumes.

End Notes

No healing journey whether physical or mental or both is more valid than another.

I hope that these practices and resources can serve you on your journey.

I hope to one day offer you more, but for now, I invite you to begin or continue on your healing journey.

It’s time to tend to those wounds, however, you may need.

May you grow. May you find purpose. May you find realization. May you find love.

You are strong. You are brave. You are whole. 

I hope that these words may bring you a sense of peace. 

A wave of calm.

Some grounding.

You are held.

You are ready to begin your healing journey.

You are loved.

And you are love.

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what is ritual?

Ritual is cultivating connection to the sacred.

It is honoring yourself. It is holding space to feel.

In ritual, we cultivate feelings of meaning, gratitude, wholeness, and synergy.

When we engage in ritual we bring comfort and grounding to our being.

We decide to honor our divine self and refuse to let anxiety strip the magic of this world away from us.

Rituals may look different for you and for me.

They are what feels right to you.

They don’t have to be somber they can be fun, joyous, and uplifting.

They can be as simple as gratitude or elaborate as a summer solstice ceremony.

They can be habitual or impulsive, revealed to you in the moment.

They are savoring a moment and choosing consciousness.

There is no need for anything other than your mindful being.

Although flowers, mantras, oils, sage, the earth, and any other scared objects can all contribute to the potent nature of ritual.

I invite you to allow ritual into your life.

Here are some ways that I bring awareness to the divinity of my being through ritual.


Movement can be a ritualistic experience. Set the intention to play a tune and move your body to it in any way that feels right to you. Practice yoga. Go for a run or walk. Surf or go for a dip in the water. Don’t force your body to work hard when it’s telling you to rest. Movement is always good to release stagnant energy. Just be mindful of your needs. 


Nature is source energy. Feel your bare feet on the ground. Go alone or with a friend. Ditch the technology and take in the moment. Feel connected to the life that surrounds you. You are of the same life force that flows around you.


Alchemy is creation through intentional processes. My preferred way to practice alchemy is through curating a drink. Take the time to feel through the process. Use all your beloved tinctures. Teas, cacao, matcha, golden mylk, chlorophyll water, juices. Are just some drinks you can craft for yourself anytime or as part of a morning or night time ritual. They can be created daily or for special days, days where you need a pick me up, or as part of a cycle. Infuse them with your love and intention. Breathe into these elixirs. Enjoy the experience they offer you. Feel into the potent energy of these drinks as you slowly sip on them and allow them to fill you with feelings of gratitude and love.

Moon rituals

Moon rituals have become part of my practice. They allow me to set aside time for myself in a cyclical way. This practice is something I have been doing every new and full moon. Each moon ritual looks a little different depending on what I feel. Before I begin I like to clean my space and sage it. Then, I sit down and write. I take the time to check in with myself and see if I am tending to the intentions that I set a few weeks before. I ask myself if I feel aligned and joyful. Practices I like to include here, but don’t occur every time, are making a cacao drink to sip one while I journal, drawing tarot cards, or choosing a crystal I feel called to and looking up its symbolic nature. The one constant is I always try to journal on the new and full moons. Even if it’s just taking a few moments to jot down how I’m feeling. This has given me space to regularly check in with myself about every two weeks. For journalling ideas that connect to the astrological and energetic themes of the moons, I love to read Moon and Rock moon letters and use their journaling questions. 


Take the time to sit in silence as a ritual. Check-in with yourself. Tell yourself you are loved. Slow down to take the time to just be. Sit with yourself and heal or manifest or simply do nothing but be.  In silence, the field of pure potentiality exists. We live in a world of distractions. In this world silence is a form of medicine.


In this silence, I invite you to try meditating. You can listen to a guided mediation or do a practice of your own. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Some feel right sitting cross-legged and others feel right lying down. There is no one way to meditate that is better than another. Focus on your breath and your needs. Go into your meditation with no expectations and just be. Meditate regularly or as needed.


Devoting a time a day to ritual can give yourself the space you need to release and create. You can use this time to feel grateful and aligned with your desires. This time can also be used to heal wounds. It is a powerful act of self-love to give yourself time each day where you can be mindful of yourself. Creating a space in your day to practice whatever rituals you feel called to might be what you are needing in your life right now. We are creatures of habit.


Similar to silence sometimes you need to just feel. The emotions you feel are valid. They need to be felt in order to understand yourself. You can’t grow by suppressing your feelings. They demand to be felt. Creating a sacred space for yourself where you feel supported and working through your emotions can be a ritualistic practice. Do as needed using any of the ideas here or ceremonies of your own. 


Acts of pleasure connect you to the divine. Feeling into and exploring your desires creates a ritualistic space of ecstasy. Do what brings you pleasure whether that be drawing a bath, cooking a romantic dinner, self-exploration, dance, being nude, or cleaning. These are just some ideas of ways to curate more pleasure in your life. There are so many more ways to invite pleasure into your life. I invite you to explore what feels good to you. The idea is that you make space to do whatever brings you pure pleasure. Pleasure and ritual go hand in hand. 


Writing out your thoughts can be very grounding. It takes the ideas out of your head and makes them concrete. Allowing you to relax and release. Write down anything and everything that you want to release, manifest, or just see on paper. This can be done intentionally in a cleansed space or just jotting a few thoughts down as they arise. Writing breathes life into thoughts.  


Practice gratitude. My personal practice is to list three things I am grateful for first thing when I open my eyes. This practice can be done anywhere in the world.  Sometimes the gratitudes I come up with are simple and sometimes they are detailed and unique. There is an abundance of things and concepts to be grateful for. Each morning  I try to visualize these gratitudes for about a minute or as long as needed before doing anything else. This is a beautiful way to start the day. It allows you to start off with feeling grounded and loved. Ready to take on the day and spread the good energy.


We sit down to eat every day, multiple times. Creating rituals around food can be a beautiful, nourishing experience. A practice that may serve you is gratifood. The way gratifood is carried out is through making a list of your gratitudes before you eat. Another ritual that could be practiced around food is slowing down to thoroughly enjoy the experience. Take a moment to reflect on all that went into your meal. The sun shining on the earth, the hands that tended to the food, you or a loved one creating the meal, all the energy that went into your meal for you to be nourished.

Take a moment to bless your food.

Take the time to truly savor tastes.

Meals can be a beautiful place to connect and ground yourself.

This is an opportunity to nourish the mind, body, and soul.

In sharing these rituals with you I am not saying that you need to do them. I am just sharing my experience with you. Use this knowledge however it may serve you.

I am not saying that I do them all, all the time.

I have the rituals that I do routinely that keep me grounded.

And I have the rituals I do in the moment. Rituals for moments of pure gratitude and moments where I feel stuck and need guidance.

Rituals are powerful practices that can be experienced at any moment, however, desired.

And my hope is that you will explore how ritual can serve you.

I intend to share more about these practices with you in the future, but for now, I’ll leave you with this:

You have the choice to be present and intentional in your life and feel the magic around you.

Rituals are a form of self-love.

Take with you these practices and use them as needed.



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slow fashion

image source: @naturesdye this heavenly lilac color was curated by a goddess friend of mine who naturally dyes fabrics using plants, foods, spices, and flowers. This lovely color comes from beans.

Life is magical. Although some people don’t see this magic as they are preoccupied with many things. Efficiency is at the root of all decisions, and time is not to be “wasted.” 

The society that we have created is one that encourages production. And this mass production implies that someone or something needs to consume what is being produced. 

That’s where we come in. We as consumers are encouraged to do what our name implies; consume. 

But what if we took a step back from our current consuming habits?

What would we see?

Most of us don’t want to admit it, but we would probably be horrified. It has become so easy, cheap, and fast to order an item with the click of a button. We are so far removed from the process, that we likely don’t consider what had to happen for us to be walking around in our new shoes. 

The consequences of these actions are heavy.

We are exploiting our sisters and brothers, our children, ourselves, and the Earth.

We are supporting inhumane working conditions that harm the well being of everyone involved. 

Many sweatshops are places of high levels of sexual assault, on the job accidents, and other terrible circumstances. 

I’m not going to go into all the stories and facts here, because I want to focus on the good and share with you the alternative to fast fashion. But, I highly encourage you to look into where your clothes come from.

If you’re not sure how to educate yourself, here are a few ideas:

Find a documentary on the consequences of fast fashion.

Look up some individual stories of real peoples’ experiences in sweatshops on Youtube.

Look up the practices of companies that you buy from and see if they align with your values. And ask yourself are you proud to say you support them?

There is a lot of information out there that exposes the fash fashion industry for what it really is.

I will warn you to be prepared because the stories that you will find are hard to hear. And the facts about what the industry is doing to our planet is awful. It’s the hidden truth that the industry wants you to ignore.

Not to mention the horrific effects on your own body. (watch the documentary Stink on Netflix and that will make you question a lot of your consuming decisions)

As a collective, we need to become more conscious of our decisions.

I am not writing this to shame you. I have been there. I used to order bikinis from low vibe places like Zaful. I was just living like everyone else around me and mindlessly consuming without considering the consequences.

The fast-fashion industry is expansive. Our lives are full of messages from the industry telling us that we are just consumers, but we are more than that. The industry also tells us that this is the way of life. 

But, life doesn’t have to be like this.

What if we took a step back and educated ourselves on the true price of our habits?

Could you still click “buy” after learning that your decision is at the price of the well being of another fellow human?

You don’t have to live like this. 

You can support slow fashion.

Slow fashion is a better, more mindful way of consuming.

Slow fashion advocates for a better buying experience for everyone involved.

The idea behind slow fashion is that you question your consumption patterns and maintain only the practices that are beneficial to yourself, other beings involved, and the Earth.

These practices can be categorized by buying second-hand, buying from places that you are proud to support, and being mindful of what you do with old clothes so that they don’t end up in landfills.

I am here to share the lovely world of slow fashion with you.

It doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s quite the opposite actually.

Slow fashion is unique and beautiful and can actually save you money.

A slow fashion lifestyle is liberating and satisfying.

The Slow Fashion Lifestyle, “how-to”

Second Hand Consuming

Thrift Shops

Thrift shopping has become mainstream and I am so happy about it. Thrift stores are slow fashion gems. They offer clothes among other things that people no longer use and have donated. Depending on the shop you can usually find clothing items for a few dollars. Browsing with an open mind and creative energy is the way to do it.  You never know what you will find. One of my top items to get at the thrift is large scarfs to tie into tube tops. I also love finding shirts and pants to cut up and make my own. My best find is a pair of brown corduroy pants. I call them my party pants. They are so my style and they fit me like they were made for me. They were around five dollars, where they probably would have been at least 30 if not more from a retailer. There are so many unique and affordable finds waiting for you at thrift stores. You just have to take a trip for yourself and see.

Online Thrift Shops

The only downside to a thrift shop is it can be difficult to find an exact item you are looking for. That’s where thrifting apps come in. There are so many applications designed for buying and selling clothes. The ones I use are Depop and Poshmark. This is a great alternative to buying new because most items are gently used but cost so much less. And you’re buying something that’s already out there, so you’re not contributing to new production. You can find all the pre-loved brands you find joy wearing. 

Supporting Beautiful Businesses

For any non-second hand, clothes find companies and people that align with your values. Buy clothes made ethically and with sustainable and non-toxic materials. These shops are making the difference and deserve your support over an exploitive industry.

Some of my beautiful friends have their own passion projects and businesses that I am so grateful that I can share with you

Natures Dye

This lovely lady hand dyes fabrics with natural dyes created by plants, foods, spices, and flowers that she mindfully and sustainably forges. Natures Dye is a beautiful passion project that Kayla has brought into fruition. Check out her Instagram and get inspired by this lovely human being. Truly a goddess on a mission.

Redefined Goods

I don’t think there’s anything that the woman behind this brand can’t do. I have seen her crochet and sew everything from bags to tops to sets. She is the queen of sustainable fashion. She uses repurposed materials and hand makes everything herself. It’s been a joy to see this brand grow. Mia is always coming out with new creations and ways to make the world a better place. Redefined Goods is a brand that deserves your love and support.

Karma the Label

Karma the Label consciously creates custom swimwear. I don’t know the woman behind this brand personally, but I wanted to share this brand with you here because I am in love with everything about it. And bikinis are a big part of my life. The kinis are all hand made and shipped in compostable packaging. All my interactions with the babe behind the brand have been a joy. The amount of care put into the kinis is evident. I feel like a goddess when I put it on. And you deserve to feel that way too.

Other beautiful companies that I am looking to support

Hara The Label 

Hara the Label makes dreamy intimates. Investing in intimates is something that I strongly believe in. And want to work towards. This brand is the one that I have fallen in love with. Their mission statement aligns with my values so beautifully.

Our mission as a label is to bring change and awareness to the human and environmental issues within the fashion industry while creating sustainable soft dreamy bamboo underwear that’s both rejuvenating and empowering.

Mindful Ideas for Old Clothes


Repurposing old clothes makes the life of these items more cyclical. You can get really creative here. You can cut old clothes into new clothes, tye-dye clothes, or do whatever else your heart desires to refresh old items. This is the space to express yourself. Another idea is to use old clothes as things other than clothing. An old t-shirt can become a grocery bag, a cheesecloth, a rag, or anything else you can think of. Get creative here, you’ll use your left brain and feel good. It also feels good to know that you are not mindlessly polluting the earth. Repurposing is all around good energy.

Clothing Swaps

What you’ve grown out of or become bored with could become the newest and most cherished item to a friend, family member, or stranger. Swapping clothes is another way to reduce clothing waste. The fashion industry is one of the topmost polluting industries in our world. Clothing swaps are a simple and fun solution. It could look like asking your roommate if they want any of the clothes that you no longer wear. You could find a community clothing swap in your area, or create one in a group that you are apart of. Another option would be to make some money by putting your old clothes on consignment or bringing them into a store like Plato’s closet. Think before you just donate, because some of those clothes will end up getting thrown out if they can’t be sold. And especially think before you throw clothes away. Swapping clothes can be done in a lot of ways. You can get rid of clothes that no longer serve you and find new pieces to love.


If you have old clothes and you just want them gone, donate them. There are so many ways that your clothes can go to good use. They can be used at animal shelters, homeless shelters, hospitals, and more. If you’re looking to get rid of clothes look up places around you that could really use them. It’s not that much more effort than just throwing them out. And you are creating a beautiful positive impact. Good karma all around.

I hope you find these resources helpful as you delve into the world of slow fashion. If you’re looking to find more businesses worthy of your support Etsy and Instagram are good places to check out. As I find new companies I love I will be sure to update you. For now, I have shared all my knowledge of slow fashion with you. I will leave you with these final words.

I don’t recall when this journey into slow fashion began for me. But, what I do know is that I am now devoted to only buying clothes second hand or from places that I trust and feel good supporting. 

I can’t put into words how much better of a lifestyle this is. I feel so grateful to have found this way of living. It feels good to wear clothes that are good for you, others, future generations, and the Earth.

You deserve to feel good in what you’re wearing. You are better than the fash fashion industry. You don’t need to wear any one thing to be loved and accepted. It’s time for all the lies to be revealed and for us to turn to slow fashion. We all deserve better. 

I thank you for reading this, the exploited humans of the world thank you for reading this, the earth thanks you for reading this, and your body, mind, and soul, thank you for reading this.

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beloved books of mine

image source: unknown

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

This book is a quick, but powerful read. A light-hearted and adventurous tale with so much symbolism and meaning if you delve a little deeper. I could read this story over and over again. I feel as though everyone should read this magical book.

The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield

They say that this book comes to you when you are meant to read it. It is an adventure tale that gives so much psychological and spiritual insight. The tale follows a man who risks his life in search of insights that take him on a wild journey through Peru to discover the truths of these insights that will change humanity as we know it. The truths are revealed and built on through the chapters. The insights in this book offer life-changing perspectives. This book is special to me as I discovered it right before heading out to Hawaii. This book is a page-turner. I would have devoured this book so fast if it weren’t for the deep insights that I wanted to take the time to grasp. If this sounds like a book you want to experience, then you are ready for the insights.

Pussy: A Reclamation Regena Thomashauer

Pussy: A Reclamation is a life changer. I know it can be awkward to read this book in public, but that’s all the more reason why you need to read it. This book made me question so many conditioned thoughts of mine. It helped me to step into my power and live a more “turned on” life. I feel so much more connected to the divine feminine. This profound way of living has given me so much more confidence. This energy that I have now claimed has allowed me to hold space for myself and for my “sister goddesses”. This book was apart of a big shift into a new phase of life for me, so it has a special place in my heart.

Ishmael Daniel Quinn

Another classic book that I just had to include. This story of humanity is told in such a unique way. The perspective that this book has is just insane. Another book that makes you question why things are the way they are in the world through storytelling. This book is so easy to fall in love with. I don’t want to give away any surprises so I’ll just leave you with this. There is a reason this classic is assigned in so many humanity classes. Truly a must-read.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Deepak Chopra

This book is the one I am reading right now. Not sure why I didn’t pick it up earlier. I have seen this book all over. It’s relatively short but full of so much knowledge. This book can align you with your deepest desires if you take the laws and live them. The laws aren’t difficult to understand. If you’re looking to learn more about manifestation and spiritual living this could be a good place to start as it’s a shorter and digestible book. Deepak Chopra has written so many deeply insightful books. This book is another one of his masterpieces. Read this book to feel aligned.

You are a Badass at Making Money Jen Sincero

Money can be such a taboo subject. So many of us have a weird relationship with money. This book guides you to change your Money Mindset. From whatever conditioned beliefs that you have. Whether you feel like a lack of money is holding back or you feel guilty or greedy for wanting more. Even if you feel like you have a good relationship with money I would give this book a read. The author shares her own personal story with money. I should also mention that I love her tone of voice. She is very conversational and playful in her writing. This book guided me to a better relationship with money and gave me the drive to manifest more abundance into my life. The advice is practical and applicable to everyone. I definitely see myself returning back to this book and reading it again.

Chrysalis Freya Haley J

This is a beautiful little poetry book written by the lovely Freya Haley. Freya is a strong radiant woman. I absolutely adore her free-spirited nature. She is so authentic and vulnerable in expressing herself through her social platforms. In her poems, she tells her coming of age story through the lens of metamorphosis. I will warn you the content of the books could be found triggering as she includes references to suic/de, s*xual assault, r*pe, self-harm, depression, and anxiety. Chrysalis can be deep and heavy, but it is also whimsical, light-hearted,  and beautiful. The poems are raw and honest. They have formed from her collected writings over the years. They come together to tell a genuine story of growth and healing.

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