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Curating elixirs for myself is an interest of mine, a way to show myself some love.

I love making these intentional drinks for myself and loved ones.

I am a proponent of natural, holistic healing

And I am so fascinated by plant medicine.

There are so many magical herbs, spices, flowers, foods, and plants on this earth.

For a while now I have been trying out all kinds of concoctions to find what works for me.

I know that there will always be more for me to discover, learn, and integrate into my life.

Living a lively and healthy life is human nature, our bodies know what we need.

Our beings function best when eating from the earth, moving our bodies, and be mindful and intentional.

In sharing this I am not at all saying you have to incorporate cacao into your life. 

I have found cacao to be beneficial and healing to me and I want to share my knowledge and uses with you.

However, you know what’s right for you.

I decided I want to begin sharing on some special herbs, roots, flowers, and foods I have been incorporating intentionally into my life, beginning with cacao.

Cacao has been used in sacred ceremonies and celebrations for centuries with roots in central and south American culture.

Many of these cacao ceremonies were centered around reconnecting with mama nature, other beings, and one’s self, through opening the heart.

Cacao is considered a heart opener because it allows our bodies to release “feel good” emotions.

This stress releasing reaction could come from the anandamide.

Not only is cacao good for you mentally, but there are also physical benefits.

Cacao is naturally high in magnesium, iron, and B-complex vitamins.

Cacao is not the same as traditional chocolate and is considered sacred food from the gods in some cultures.

What originally drew me to cacao was my intuition. 

Many of the other herbs I will be sharing with you I found through others or educating myself, but this one I have always had a natural draw to.

My body has always intensely craved chocolate in the days before my moon cycle begins.

Many others who bleed share this draw as cacao, the root of chocolate, has many vitamins and minerals that our bodies lose when menstruating.

It’s wild to me the intuitive beings we are, yet so disconnected.

Which has been a driving force for me to connect with my intuitive nature and explore the natural medicines the earth graciously offers.

How I Enjoy Cacao

I like to enjoy cacao in a warm drink.

I infuse almond or any alternative milk with cacao, love, and sometimes cinnamon, maca, and a sweetener.

I like to drink this elixir warm, as I feel this adds to the warming and heart-opening effects on the cacao.

I love the phrase “consume everything as medicine.”

This is a beautiful practice to be used in all types of consumption, not just in food.

I make sure to always enjoy cacao with love and intention and to tap into the sacred and ancient wisdom this drink provides if we listen.

I enjoy cacao elixirs in my full and new moon rituals, as well as during my moon cycle, and any other time I choose to open my heart and let the warmth of this drink flow through my body.

To me, this drink symbolizes love and feminine energy.

I am so grateful that mama earth has given us this lovely medicine.

Cacao elixirs are soothing and deeply healing, for me.

Cacao offers so much to us;  I encourage you to look into how this sacred drink could be integrated into your life.



ps. little note here, I am not saying you need to drink any one thing or eat any certain food to be healthy, you can live a simple healthy life without all these things, but it can be beneficial to intentionally consume some herbs and spices for your health, especially if you are living with any ailment, there are so many plant medicines available, natural medicine is something near and dear to my heart

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