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Activism is something you are probably already partaking in.

There are so many forms of activism.

We all have passions and values the are near and dear to our heart that we live out every day.

For me, I care deeply about human rights, especially women, the earth, veganism, and more.

Activism is about voicing what matters,

And standing in your truth.

Efforts to educate, make aware, make a change.

This can be done by simply carrying around a metal straw or posting vegan food.

This can be done in a conversation when someone asks why you do what you do.

Just share what matters to you however you feel called, however, feels right or natural.

For me, a question that I get asked all the time is, why vegan?

To which I simply explain why I have chosen this lifestyle.

These seemingly small actions make a difference.

But, they are comfortable.

My values are worth me stepping outside my comfort zone.

I want to share more and have the uncomfortable and real conversations.

This leads me to try new things and put myself out there.

One thing I hadn’t done before was to participate in a protest.

There are so many causes out there that you can join in.

If you haven’t participated in a protest, there are all kinds of ways to get involved.

A local climate strike was my first event and it was absolutely a wonderful place to begin.

I wrote this on an energetic and passionate high after the event:

“Today I stood in my truth with my sisters and brothers. There was compassion and support surrounding us. And it was so insanely beautiful and empowering. Speaking my truths has been something I have been working on. It can mean feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable at first but it is worth it every time. I believe my purpose is to help other beings and the planet. I align with my purpose through always speaking and living my truth. What matters to you? If you’re interested in causes close to my heart check out the documentary Earthlings or check out Unlitter on Instagram (in addition, the other blog posts that I have written or am writing will touch on my values). Educate and empower yourself. Fill yourself with purpose and set your soul on fire.

What’s stopping you from speaking your truth?”

Protests involve people coming together for a common cause.

The energy is the air is indescribable. 

The human connection is wild.

It can be difficult to feel so strongly about something that others around you might not.

Finding others who share your values is liberating, encouraging, and strengthening.

I encourage you to never shy away from your truth no matter how scary.

Your voice matters.

No matter how you do it, speak your truth always.

I’ll say it again, ask yourself,

What’s stopping you from speaking your truth?

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